In spring 2014, I was part of a team that used Trello to collect brainstorming ideas. We had a LOT of ideas to go through, so I created a simple program to number all the cards by list and position within the list so we could easily reference 3.7 during our discussions (we all had paper copies).

A bit later, I was experimenting with using Trello for my 'grocery list' for major shopping trips - and needed a few more features, so the program grew ... Specifically, I sometimes print the list out in 'inventory' mode - where all checklist items are shown. Then just before my trip I print it out in 'grocery' mode - where only the checked items are shown - but preceded by a ___ so they can be checked off in the grocery store.


You can control:

Once the printable version (HTML) is created, you can optionally choose to print any single list by itself.

Saving Printing Preferences

Whenever you click to print, the current preferences are converted to JSON and shown in a textbox.

To save them -- create a card anywhere in your trello board. It must be named: MY~PRINT~PREFERENCES

Then copy/paste the preferences-json into a comment on the card, and edit the nickname field to be something meaningful to you.

The next time you export the board's json for printing, these preference values will be picked up and used.

If you have multiple preferences saved, you will have the option to choose among them.

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